A 73-minute journey from electro over drum'n'bass to other weird moods compiled and hand-mixed for my christmas ride home and for you.

1-track mix download:
Tracks by 1. Kiasmos 2. Trevor Powers 3. Marbert Rocel 4. GusGus 5. Camo & Krooked 6. TC 7. BCee 8. Camo & Krooked 9. Tim Exile 10. TC 11. Droptek 12. Wiley 13. Scroobius Pip 14. Marc Rebillet 15. Charlotte Gainsbourg 16. Tim Exile 17. David Bowie
And if it's REALLY really necessary, you can also listen to the unmixed original tracks and playlist here, BUT then it's not MIXED and super boring instead and all, so I really don't recommend this as your favorite choice, but anyway – if you insist: Spotify Playlist

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