The Sound of the Hybris Summits
To make our favorite event project even more immersive, we cared a lot about sound design and music. Over years we had a very clear ambient sound concept for the welcome hours, coffee breaks and outros etc, and a very straight forward set of dramatic tracks and precise cue-points to welcome speakers on stage.

Part 1:
the 91-min ambient mix
or as separate tracks:
Tracks by Alphawezen, Autechre, Tipper, Myth Syzer, Triad, Pantyraid, Com Truise, Pretty Lights, Mux Mool, ASC, The Glitch Mob, CFCF, Skream, dBridge & Instra:Mental, Phoneheads, Tensei, Luke Vibert.

Part 2:
the heroic on stage mix
or as separate tracks:
Tracks by The Glitch Mob, Big Gigantic, Pantyraid, Nalepa, Daft Punk, Supervision, The Chemical Brothers, Mux Mool, Com Truise, Dominik Schäfer.

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