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As we consume music more and more via streaming services we also more and more drift into a snack bite attitude towards music. Like movie theaters struggle to stand their ground not only against streaming services like Netflix but also against the ultimate visual snack bite junk food habit of wasting feature-film-long hours on youtube and social media, switching from one 10 second snippet to another, music as well risks to regress from art to instant dopamin micro-dose without purpose or meaning. What's left is a never-ending mashed loop of pointless superficial elevator music pulp immune against deeper exploration or truely emotional connection.
Don't get me wrong. I'm a heavy-weight Spotify user for more than a decade, but I used to celebrate listening to music albums as a whole opus, carefully unpacking a 12-inch vinyl, cleaning off some dust, carefully lowering the needle and then sinking into the story of the album, while looking at the cover art to feel deeper into the mood and story of this specific publication in the context of the artist's full oeuvre.
Occasionally I still do that. I also still buy records. For three reasons, by the way:
1. to support the artist (because they make like nothing from streaming)
2. to experience the album on this deeper level like described above.
3. to simply have it. Like "at home". Because believe it or not: One day Spotify and your account might be gone. HOLY CRAP, god forbid! All my playlists? All this work??
Which brings me to the three reasons for these mixes down here:
1. I love my eclectic "favorites of the year", and I love to remember and listen to them in an album-like form. Which is the mix. They also become an association of a specific point in time.
2. The older we get, the less fresh music we find. I consider the inspiration of new music as one of the greatest gifts to friends.
3. Eventually some of you might become new supporting fans of some artists in the future.
If you want to do me a favor: Consume this oldschool and listen to or download the mixes instead of hitting the playlists immediately. And if you really like an artist consider to buy one of his albums. You will thank me later.
Here we go.
flaccus XM23 Morning
A genre-crossing 77-min-mix
listen/download >>
flaccus XM23 Evening
A sound-space-focused 78-min-mix
listen/download >>
flaccus XM22 Red Pill
A 89-min active (mostly DnB) mix
listen/download >>
flaccus XM22 Blue Pill
A 73-min jazzy good-mood mix
listen/download >>
flaccus XM21
A 77-min mellow breakfast mix
listen/download >>
flaccus XM20
A time-jumping 75-min-mix for 2020
listen/download >>
flaccus XM19
A spacey cinematographic 60-min-mix
listen/download >>
flaccus XM18
A 73-minute-mix journey from electro over drum'n'bass to other weird moods
listen/download >>
flaccus XM15
A cinematographic and eclectic 77-min winter soundtrack
listen/download >>
TOCA ME 2020
A 2+ hours selection of mostly electronic tracks for Munich's design conference
stream from Spotify >>
TOCA ME 2019
A 5+ hours selection of mostly electronic tracks for Munich's design conference
stream from Spotify >>
Home Office Jazz
27+ hours of work-supporting instrumental jazz (full albums only)
stream from Spotify >>
flaccus Office
126+ hours of work-supporting SNK office classics, collected over the last ten years
stream from Spotify >>
Hybris 2015 Ambient
An immersive electronic Hybris Summit coffee break soundtrack
listen/download >>
Hybris 2015 On Stage
A set of heroic Hybris-On-Stage Tracks
listen/download >>
Celosphere 22
A 4-hour Playlist. No mix.
stream/download >>
flaccus TOCA ME 2012
A glitch and electro compilation
listen/download >>
The Crow 2011
How would a 2011 remake sound like?
listen/download >>
flaccus XM09
A sporty 56-minute pure drum'n'bass energy dj-mix for your car
listen/download >>
Chemicals 08
Simply my pumping 2008 gym mix
listen/download >>
Pussy'n'Bass 2
A liquid and dancy 77-minute summer of 2007 drum'n'bass dj-mix
listen/download >>
flaccus XM05 DnB
a dark and serious drum'n'bass mix
listen/download >>
flaccus XM05 nonDnB
a trippy non-dnb wild-style mix
listen/download >>
flaccus XM04
A neverending trancy trippy 130-minute drum'n'bass mix
listen/download >>
A dancy 69-minute liquid drum'n'bass summer-mix
listen/download >>
flaccus XM02 sun
a 62-min sunny side drum'n'bass mix
listen/download >>
flaccus XM02 moon
a 64-min darker drum'n'bass mix
listen/download >>
flaccus XM02 nonDnB
a 59-min non-dnb wild-style mix
listen/download >>
Playlists on Spotify
Some contain non-mixed separate files to the mixes above and some are huge additional playlists with many hours of music. Stream here >>